Members of Shabab extremist group attacked a hotel complex in Nairobi


The attackers, estimated to number at around four to six,[arrived in two vehicles. One attacker was a suicide bomber, the police said, detonating an explosion in the lobby of the seven-story DusitD2 Hotel which is part of a Thai-owned international chain. A message posted on the pro-al-Shabab’s Somali Memo website reported a death toll of 47 – without offering any further evidence. There is nothing to support the militant group’s claim and there has been no official statement from the government regarding a death toll.The attack also targeted banks and offices in the complex. Police and counterterrorism officers quickly surrounded the complex.


Kenyan security forces were battling to retake control. Footage from the scene showed armed officers escorting office workers and injured people to safety. Several vehicles burned. Police said they detonated a car that had explosives inside. At least 15 people were wounded and several killed but the information was unclear. Several hospitals in the city were appealing for blood donations. Nairobi’s Village Market shopping complex closed temporarily after news of the attack broke, as a security precaution. The Shabab have been fighting the United Nations-backed government in Mogadishu, Somalia, for years, seeking to impose its strict interpretation of Islam. In recent months, they have carried out a spate of attacks in Kenya, killing dozens.


At least 15 persons were killed in the attack.


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