Woman declared deceased found alive in a morgue freaser in South Afirica


She was  taken to a morgue and  placed in a freezer but was found alive several hours later. The woman remained hospitalized and in critical condition. Despite the strange and unusual situation,  Distress Alert operations manager Gerrit Bradnick said to media: “This did not happen because our paramedics are not properly trained. There is no proof of any negligence by our crew.” He later explained that the mis-declaration occurred in a bad stretch of road where paramedics were in danger as they responded to the crash: “Cars were coming at high speed and we kept having to run away through the ditches. It was absolute chaos.”


“We did all the checks, breathing, pulse, everything,” ambulance service Distress Alert’s operations manager Gerrit Bradnick told to media. “You never expect to open a fridge and find someone in there alive,” a source at the Carletonville mortuary told, The woman’s family has been contacted, Health department spokesperson, Dr. Paul Morule  said, but due to patient confidentiality neither the victim nor her family will grant interviews. A departmental investigation is developing. The outcome will be reported to regulatory authorities. For the patient, we wish to survive.


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