Disaster in Libya after storm big flooding and crash of two dams


After Mediterranean storm Daniel pounded the coast on Sunday night a devastating situation occurred in Lybia. Emergency workers uncovered hundreds of bodies as they dug through the wreckage of Libya’s eastern city of Derna, a city of some 90,000, on Tuesday. Derna’s ambulance authority put the current death toll at 2,300. At least 10,000 people were still missing and the death toll is feared to increase dramatically. Local emergency responders, including troops, government workers, volunteers and residents were digging through rubble to recover the dead.


Many bodies are believed trapped under rubble and mud or washed out into the Mediterranean Sea. Other parts of eastern Libya were affected, including included Susa, Marj and Shahatt. Two dams on Wadi Derna had collapsed. The water swept through the city and carried “entire neighborhoods” into the sea. The Tripoli-based government of western Libya sent a plane with 14 tons of medical supplies and health workers to Benghazi.