A neurosurgeon mistakenly brain operated on the wrong patient in Kenya


The hospital staff had mixed up the identification tags of two patients prior to the surgery. One of them required brain surgery to remove a clot  while the other needed treatment for brain swelling. The team realized their mistake when the surgery had been going for hours. After some days, now, the patient in question is progressing well. Hospital Chief Executive Lily Koros said they “deeply regret” the mix up. An investigation is pending into the recent incident that involved an operation “on the wrong patient” until which the staff associated with the incident remains suspended.

Kenyatta National Hospital

Doctors at the hospital came to the defense of the surgeon who was suspended, saying the gaffe took place “because of wrong patient labelling by the ward staff.”Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board chief executive Daniel Yumbya claimed this incident was the first such case in the country. The hospital was involved in contention not long ago when claims of assault and lewd behavior of patients surfaced. In excess of 30 ladies said they endured sexual mishandle at the nation’s biggest open hospital.


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