Hundreds killed and many still missing after Tropical Cyclone Freddy


The death toll from Tropical Cyclone Freddy has passed 300 in Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar and the death toll is still rising. Hundreds more were injured and some are still missing. Victims died in landslides and homes crumbling into flood waters. Freddy is one of only four storms in history to traverse the entire Indian Ocean from north-western Australia to mainland Africa.The longest-lasting tropical cyclone ever recorded it is one of the deadliest in Africa in recent years.Rain and power outages and the collapse of roads and bridges made more difficile the search and rescue efforts. The storm has now dissipated, but heavy rains are expected to continue in some parts. There are lots of communities stranded,” said Paulo Tomas, spokesperson for Mozambique’s disaster relief agency. Many places affected by the storm in Malawi still had no running water, including in Blantyre, the second-biggest city.


Around 88,000 people are still displaced and parts of the region remain inaccessible. President Lazarus Chakwera promised to intensify search and rescue operations, as he attended the funeral of some victims. A 14-day national mourning period was declared. “I appeal for more assistance from international partners and donors. This is a national tragedy that has affected every one of us,” he said.”Even our health workers need help,” Health Minister Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda told international media. Pope Francis prays that the Lord may support the families and communities most tried by this calamity. We know he works throught humans.