At least 17 killed in Mozambique in a collapse of a rubbish dump


The city of Maputo has experienced heavy rainfall since Sunday. Prior to the collapse, authorities had asked residents to leave the illegally built houses in the impoverished area of the capital. People regularly visit the dump, the largest of its kind in Maputo, in search of food or items to sell. Authorities are trying now to help people who lost their homes.

Rescue in dump area

Health workers have long raised concerns about the impact of the fumes, flies and other hazards of the dump on the surrounding community. The closure of the dump was many times previously discussed. The Hulene district of Maputo is one of the most deprived parts of the capital. Many, including children, have little choice but to make their homes either on or next to the dump. In the poorer suburbs of cities such as Maputo, people sometimes live on land they do not own in the hope of finding work. Nearly 55 percent of Mozambique’s population , about 14 million people , live in poverty.


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