South Africa's President, Jacob Zuma, asked to resign

South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) has formally asked President Jacob Zuma, 75,  to resign. The ANC’s National Executive Committee took the decision during a 13-hour meeting that ended early Tuesday in Pretoria. He possibly will face a vote of confidence in parliament that he is expected to lose.

In power since 2009, he has been dogged by corruption allegations which he has always vehemently denied. Mr Zuma has resisted increasing pressure to quit since December, when Cyril Ramaphosa replaced him as leader of the ANC. Sources are being quoted saying Mr Zuma is refusing to step down, and that the ANC itself might table its own motion of no confidence in him.

South Africa Parliament

In 2016, South Africa's highest court ruled that Mr Zuma had violated the constitution when he failed to repay government money spent on his private home. Last year the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled that he must face 18 counts of corruption, fraud, racketeering and money-laundering. However, Mr. Zuma could technically carry on as president despite losing the faith of his party. A vote in parliament was scheduled for 22 February, but it could be held earlier. Mr Zuma has survived other such votes. South African media are calling President Zuma's future – “:Zexit.” His expected successor, Ramaphosa, is supposed  to adopt more business-friendly policies. On Monday, opposition parties called for an early election.