Robert Mugabe resigned Tuesday as Zimbabwe’s president


He did this even if once he proclaimed that “only God will remove me!” Under his presidency, the south African country’s economy collapsed and unemployment rose to more than 90%. The state broadcaster interrupted the airing of an agricultural program to report that Mr. Mugabe had resigned and that a new leader could be sworn in as early as Wednesday. The 93-year-old has been accused of a range of human rights abuses, including denying food aid to areas supporting the opposition.


Chris Mutsvangwa, leader of Zimbabwe’s war veterans group, described Mr Mugabe’s resignation as “the end of a very painful and sad chapter in the history of a young nation, in which a dictator, as he became old, surrendered his court to a gang of thieves around his wife”. In Africa Unity Square, the capital’s main public area, scattered shouts were heard a few minutes after the announcement. Emmerson Mnangagwa, the vice president whom Mr. Mugabe abruptly fired last week, setting off an internal revolt, is widely expected to lead the country, at least until national elections scheduled for next year.


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