At least 50 killed in a suicide bombing in Nigeria


The blast happened during early morning. Many others, injured, are in various hospitals. The attack was not yet assumed but it’s supposed it was made by Boko Haram. “The roof was blown off. People near the mosque said the prayer was mid-way when the bomber, who was obviously in the congregation, detonated his explosives,” a witness said.


The Islamist group is based in neighbouring Borno state and has been blamed for scores of similar attacks in crowded public places, such as mosques and markets, over the years. Boko Haram has increasingly been using teenagers or young women as bombers, many of whom have been abducted. Boko Haram has been blamed for more than 20,000 deaths during its nearly decade-old insurgency. There have been repeated suicide bombings in the area, which is near to the Sambisa forest area of Borno, where the militants had a base. At least 45 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack in the same state last December.


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