Another big traffic accident with many victims in Egypt


At least 22 people have been killed and 33 injured in a car crash near Egypt’s southern province of Minya, in the city of Mallawi, Tuesday morning, when a passenger bus headed to Cairo hit a stopped trailer truck on a highway linking the capital of Cairo to the country’s south. The truck was changing tyres on the roadside. The bus was heavy damaged in the front half from the crash with the back of the truck. Ambulances rushed to the scene to transfer the injured to hospitals in Minya. Authorities mobilized emergency crews to intervene at the scene of the accident.


No more details were provided about the cause of the crash. It was not specified if the driver of the truck was killed too. There were tourists between the dead victims.Traffic accidents kill thousands of people every year in Egypt, which has a poor transportation safety record. Crashes are mostly caused by speeding, bad roads or poor enforcement of traffic laws. Current estimates for Egypt show a road traffic fatality rate of 42 deaths per 100,000 population-one of the highest in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. These tragic accidents have negative impacts on the flow of tourism in Egypt and this is detrimental to the national economy.