Two explosions in Mogadishu killed dozens, wounded many others


Dozens of others are wounded. According to witnesses, the vehicle-borne improvised explosive device  has gone off at  busy intersection, Zoobe Area in downtown Mogadishu, sending volumes of smoke to the sky. The explosion destroyed the whole area. “This was very horrible, the bomb went off alongside the busy road and left many people dead. I saw several dead bodies strewn about but could not count them,” said witness Ismail Yusuf.

After explosion in Mogadishu

“The emergency team don’t even know how many people they have collected because of the high number of the casualties,” said Abdukadir Haji Aden, director of Mogadishu’s main Amin Ambulance Service. About two hours later, a second blast took place in the city’s Madina district. A suspect had been caught on suspicion of planting explosives. the Islamist al Shabaab group has carried out regular attacks but this time there was not claim of responsibility. The attacks follows after political impasse between the Federal government of Somalia and its member states, in what many believe could have been foreign interest based political interference.


Over 200 were killed in the truck bombings.


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