Dramatic situation in Ghana after a huge explosion of mining explosives in a driving accident


A huge explosion occurred in Ghana near Bogoso, a mining town, when a vehicle carrying mining explosives from Tarkwa to a mining site at Chirano collided with a motorcycle. Over 500 homes in the area were affected. Some buildings were destroyed as extensive damage was caused in the area. Many houses and shopsa caught fire. There are casualties and images shared by media showed mutilated bodies of victims. The Aseda Hospital was flooded with victims. A large crater was created by explosion. Rescue efforts are under way. Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo said the military had joined emergency efforts. “Government will spare no effort to ensure a rapid return to a situation of normalcy for residents of Apiate,” he said. Reinforcement of resources and personnel have been dispatched to the area. Police called on nearby towns to “open up their classrooms, churches etc to accommodate surviving victims”.


Dozens are feared dead but there are no official figures on casualties. Many people have also sustained severe injuries. The police say they have taken “charge of the situation providing security to enable the emergency workers including the Ghana National Fire Service, NADMO and the Ambulance Service to manage the situation.” Visuals emanating from the area show residents lamenting the devastation caused by the explosion but Police urged all residents to remain calm as “we manage this unfortunate situation.”