Hundreds killed by floods and mudslides in Sierra Leone


Military personnel were deployed to help with the rescue operation. One of the worst mudslides occurred in the mountain town of Regent where a hill had partially collapsed, according to local media. The rain continued to fall. Communications and electricity also have been affected.

Floods in Sierra Leone

“We are still in the rainy season and must be prepared to respond in the event of further emergencies to come,” the charity’s country director Sasha Ekanayake said. The country’s vice president, Victor Moh, said the dead could run into hundreds, partly blaming the high number of deaths on illegal construction. Morgues in the city were reportedly overwhelmed by the number of dead. The president’s office released a statement encouraging people to relocate to safer parts of Freetown and sign up at registration centers. Many of Sierra Leone’s poorest areas are close to sea level, making them vulnerable to flooding. About 60% of the country’s population live below the national poverty line, and it is ranked 179th out of 188 countries on the UNDP’s Human Development Index.


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