At least 17 killed in a jihadist attack at a restaurant in Ouagadougou


This is the second such attack on a restaurant popular with foreigners in the last two years. Communication Minister Remi Dandjinou told journalists that at least 17 people were dead and eight others wounded. The victims came from several different nationalities. Security forces arrived at the scene with armored vehicles and killed three jihadists but no arrests were made. It’s not even known how many attackers were involved. Attackers barricaded themselves. The Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation.

Armored vehicle at the scene of attack

All roads leading up to the Ouagadougou International Airport were  closed. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. Burkina Faso, which is one of the poorest countries in the world, has long battled Islamic extremists. Many attacks have been along the country’s remote northern border region with Mali, a country that has endured attacks by Islamist militants for more than a decade. Thirty people were killed when gunmen attacked a restaurant and hotel in Ouagadougou in January 2016 in an incident claimed by al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.


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