Two trains collided in Egypt killing at least 32


Two trains collided on Friday in southern Egypt killing at least 32 people and leaving at least 66 injured, in the southern province of Sohag, around 230 miles south of Cairo. Local media displayed videos from the scene showing flipped cars with passengers trapped inside and surrounded by rubble. Dozens of ambulances rushed to the scene. Egypt’s Railway Authorities said the accident happened when someone activated the emergency brakes of a passenger train that was headed to the Mediterranean city of Alexandria. The train stopped abruptly and was struck from behind by another train. The collision caused three passenger cars to flip over. At least 50 wounded were transferred to four nearby hospitals. The authority is conducting further investigations. President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi vowed to punish those responsible for the deadly wreck. “I have directed the prime minister and all agencies concerned to be present at the site of the accident and to follow up continuously and to keep me informed of all developments and reports related to the situation throughout the moment,” he wrote on Twitter.


Egypt has one of the oldest and largest rail networks in North Africa and accidents causing casualties are common. Egypt’s deadliest train crash took place in 2002, when more than 300 people were killed when a fire broke out on a speeding train traveling from Cairo to southern Egypt.