Dozens people died in a bus crash in Cameroon


More than 37 people are dead and 18 others seriously injured after a in Cameroon’s western village of Nemale. The 70-seater bus was on its way to the capital, Yaounde, from the western town of Foumban when it crashed into a truck while trying to avoid a crowd of people on the road. The bus landed in a 30-meter-deep dry riverbed.Village residents ran to the road to help. More than 60 people were on the bus. The death toll was explected to rise. “Most of the travelers were either going to spend New Year’s Day with their families, returning from Christmas Day festivities or were business people supplying gifts for New Year’s feasts,” a senior government official in the area said. A second accident occurred in the same place when another bus hit civilians and rescue workers who were helping victims of the first accident.


The government has ordered investigations on the causes of the accidents. The report will be sent to the head of state and to the prime minister head of government. Paul Atanga Nji, Cameron minister of territorial administration who was sent to the scene by President Paul Biya. Many accidents and deaths that occur every year in Cameroon. During the past 10 years, Cameroon has reported an average of more than 16,000 road accidents killing close to 2,000 people each year.