82 Chibok school girls were freed by Boko Haram in exchange of some prisoners


The negotiations were led by the former lawyer to Mohammed Yusuf, the late founder of Boko Haram. The Swiss government participated. The girls arrived in Nigeria’s capital on Sunday to meet President Muhammadu Buhari as anxious families awaited an official list of names and looked forward to reuniting three years after the mass abduction. Two of the 82 girls are physically injured and many of them were abused. This is the largest negotiated release. Now 113 girls remain unaccounted for.

It is feared that some if them  were strapped with explosives and sent on missions as suicide bombers. A first group of 21 girls were released in October last year as Nigeria announced it had begun negotiations with the extremist group. The newly freed schoolgirls should be quickly released to their families and not be subjected to lengthy government detention, Amnesty International’s Nigeria office said. We urge the president and his government to earnestly pursue the release of all our Chibok girls and other abducted citizens of Nigeria,” the Bring Back Our Girls campaign said Sunday.


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