Pistorius’ sentence for murder was a special one


“He’s a fallen hero, he has lost his career and he is ruined financially,” said Masipa, who originally convicted Pistorius of manslaughter, a ruling that was overturned by an appeals court. The Judge invoked “substantial and compelling circumstances” saying that Pistorius is a “good candidate for rehabilitation.” Pistorius was found guilty because he knew someone might die, even an intruder, when he shot .His family accepted the sentence. The Steenkamp family also did not criticize it. The time that Pistorius already served in prison is not subtracted from his new sentence. However, some people including sports officials wanted Pistorius to get the full 15 years in prison for murder. Pistorius’ defense lawyers had asked for no jail time at all, saying he should be allowed to do charity work with children.


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