A three-hour nationwide blackout in Kenya due to a monkey’s action in a power plant


Kenya Electricity Generation Company said in a statement that is unknown whether the monkey survived. “We regret this isolated incident and the company is looking at ways of further enhancing security at all our power plants,” they said.

Kenya has many monkey species and even a rare one. De Brazza’s monkeys, a species thought to be near extinction in eastern Africa, has been discovered in this country. Some others, like marauding monkeys in the small village of Nachu are blamed even for sexually harassing women, attacking them on their farms. “They point our breasts and also make sexually explicit gestures”, women says. Despite the problems with the monkeys, it is a criminal offence to harm or kill any of them. The monkeys have already their own sentinels that keep watch on the residents, giving warning when they are approaching so the monkeys can escape.


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