One of the 276 schoolgirls abducted two years ago by Boko Haram in Nigeria was rescued


Amina is said by relatives to have been in good health but “traumatised” by her time with the world’s deadliest terror group. The young woman, 19 year old now, with a four months baby and pregnant again,  has provided valuable information, revealing that some of the Chibok girls have died in captivity and the others continue to be held hostage. Boko Haram forced victims to convert, to marry and to copulate “to create a new generation” of extremists. The schoolgirls have not been found, despite the help of drones, hostage negotiators and intelligence officers sent by the United States, France and Britain. Amnesty International estimates that at least at least 2,000 women and girls have been abducted since 2014.


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