South African Police killed 30 striking miners


The strike began on 10 August 2012. Thousand of workers walked away and miners that chose to stay armed themselves to the teeth and protested against a small monthly pay.


As a result of violence 10 people have been killed in the previous days. Two of them were police officers. During the three days of the protest the miners were chanting and dancing while being armed with sticks and machetes.

After numerous warnings to disarm and disperse at 4 pm this Thursday police fired water cannons and tear gas at the crowd. The protesters did not leave and some even charged towards police. Police began what looked like a public execution. Many people were killed and many are wounded.

Nathi Mithethwa, the South African Police minister, confirmed today that at least 30 people were shot and killed at the Platinum Mine.

Police officials respond in their defense that people working in the Police have the right to defend themselves only when they are being attacked. The striking miners organised an illegal march. All the miners were armed and dangerous.


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