The situation of an Egyptian three years old sentenced to life in prison was finally clarified


The court refused to consider the boy’s birth certificate, which they submitted as evidence that he could not logically had been involved in the violence. People in Egypt were shocked and finally the authorities understood the absurd of the situation. “How could people trust justice if they see this?” TV presenter Wael Elebrashy asked Saturday as he interviewed the boy’s father in a Cairo studio.

In fact, however, the father of Ahmed had been remanded 15 days into custody for refusing to hand over his young boy to police. “Police officers knocked on my door and asked to hand over my four-year-old son. When I refused, they took me to the police station and referred me the other day to the prosecution, where I was remanded into custody for 15 days pending investigations,” Mansour Qurani, the father of Ahmed, told Dream satellite channel’s Wael al-Ibrashi late on Saturday. Uproar over the led officials to assure the boy and his father they will not be arrested


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