Passenger train derailed in Egypt, dozens were injured


“Fifty-eight people were treated for their injuries and discharged, while the rest are under observation in hospital,” the health ministry said in a statement. The train conductor was arrested, according to local sources. He ignored instructions to stop from the railway control room. Negligence in enforcing safety standards is a common cause for many transportation accidents in Egypt. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ordered Prime Minister Sherif Ismail to form an emergency committee to investigate the incident. Sisi promised a medical care package for the injured. More than 55 percent of train incidents recorded by the statistics agency in 2013 occurred at railroad crossings, where procedures are usually manually operated.Egyptians have long complained that the government has failed to deal with the country’s chronic transport problems.The deadliest disaster occurred in February 2002 when 370 people were killed in a fire which tore through a train south of the capital.


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