Nine people killed and 20 wounded in suicide bomber in the Somali capital


The blast destroyed at least eight rooms of the building. The truck contained a ton of explosives.“The damage is big but a lot less because the truck bomb couldn’t go beyond the walls that lay a few meters from the hotel’s perimeter walls,” said Mohammed Abdi, a police officer. In a statement, Al-Shabab said the attack was in retaliation for the deaths of dozens of civilians at the hands of Ethiopian forces, which are part of the AU force, and that the hotel was targeted because it hosts “Western” embassies coordinating the offensive against the group. “Despite the very real progress Somalia has achieved in recent years, this attack is yet another reminder of the unconscionable atrocities that terrorist groups continue to perpetrate against the people of Somalia” the White Hose said in a statement after attack. Al-Shabab is a jihadist terrorist group based in Somalia, estimated at 7,000 to 9,000 militants in 2014. The group describes itself as waging jihad against “enemies of Islam”, and is engaged in combat against the Federal Government of Somalia and the African Union Mission to this country.


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