Sperm hunters in South Africa and other African countries


Later, he was forced to drink a potion which stimulated him and his sperm was collected in a small plastic bag and stored in a cooler box. The victim was abandoned at the side of the road. Police is investigating. One of the officers, Constable Mncedi Mbombo, told to the media: ‘We have no idea why anyone would do this. Taking the sperm for “muti” [traditional medicine] is a possible motive that we will consider .”In traditional medicine in Africa semen was a regular ingredient in ‘muti’ potions. “I imagine sangomas [witch doctors] might be able to charge more from their clients if they can say that live human specimens are being used that make it strong muti”, appreciated Professor Anthony Minnar, from the School of Criminal Justice at the University of South Africa, who is an expert on crimes associated with African traditional medicine.


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