Ugandan nanny who almost killed a toddler was jailed for four years


ttle girl’s father, secretly installed a camera in his living room and discovered Tumuhiirwe hitting the child viciously, throwing her on to the stone floor and then pressing her foot down on her small body. Fred Enanga , the Police spokesperson, said: “Upon arrest, Tumuhiirwe admitted to hitting the infant using a torch. She was subjected to medical tests and established to be a person of sound mind.”The video record was posted to Facebook and it has now been viewed almost 30 million times. This initiated an ample debate about the state of childcare in Uganda versus universal children’s rights. The issued warning eventually will be followed by some childcare regulations. According to police, in other cases ” maids or helpers have suffocated babies to death, stuffed them into fridges, injected them with blood infected with HIV, sexually molested infants and attempted suicide due to psychological problems and mental fits.” Fortunately the toddler is now reported to be doing well but she was traumatized. Tumuhiirwe had only worked as a nanny for two weeks in that family.


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