Oscar Pistorius is expecting sentence for culpable homicide


At this point, the prosecutor don’t agree idea saying clearly: “He’s not a victim. He cannot be a victim. He caused it. We have victims in this case.” On the other part, Reeva’s relatives demand is that him have to pay for his fatal action. Another discussion is pointing to the improper conditions in the prison for a disabled person. However it seems again this could not be a motivation  to not punish Pistorius for his culpability. If he is jailed, he will be housed in a hospital wing of a nearby prison, designed to accommodate his disability. ‘Please Court, make this accused pay,’ was genuine,” prosecutor Nel said finishing pledoary. The seriousness of the crime, the interests of society and those of the victims will be considered by the judge who is the only to decide if Pistorius will be jailed up to ten years or simply penalized with a fine.


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