Pistorius was found not guilty for murder


“The accused therefore cannot be found guilty of murder dolus eventualis [legal intent]… that however is not the end of the matter as culpable homicide is a competent verdict,” Judge Thokozile Masipa said in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, on Thursday. To remember, Pistorius pleaded not guilty to the murder charge, and to three firearm-related charges but the State argued the murder was premeditated. Pistorius could be seen crying at times during the reading of the lengthy verdict. He also faces three weapons charges beginning with the fact that he did not have a proper license for the ammunition found in his house when police searched it after the killing.

The maximum penalty for each charge is five years behind bars but he can have a lesser , such as a fine or the loss of his gun license. Because this story was permanently presented in media, people being emotionally linked, the first part of the judgment generated various reactions on the social networks. Some of Twitter users were dissatisfied and considered “there is no justice”.


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