Facebook prepares to provide free Internet with limits in Zambia


Statistically, only 30 percent of the world’s population is actually connected to the Internet. However, significantly more people are using mobile phones. search, Wikipedia and access to basic health and employment information as well as to Facebook’s own social network will be offered to Zambian people through this app, by mobile phone, free of data charges, in a partnership between Facebook and the wireless operator Airtel, to do this technically possible. Links that bring users to other sites , different from the basic package, will require users to pay. This service offered in Zambia will expand over the coming months and years to other parts of the world without Internet connection, most of them in less developed countries in Asia and Africa. The new app is called Internet.org. Facebook’s investments in a such direction , including, as part of the plan, the use of drones and satellites to deliver Internet connectivity, will have later a financial return for the company when the new Internet users will become customers from different services.


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