21 people killed Wednesday in a blast in Nigeria


Nigerians were preparing to watch team play in World Cup. Many shops at the mall have TV screens. “After a preliminary investigation, we can confirm that 21 people were killed and 17 injured,” police spokesman Frank Mba communicated to the media. It’s estimated that around 40 cars had been badly damaged at the same time. The police and army had blocked off the surrounding area. Many bomb attacks in recent months were in Abuja. There are almost daily bomb and gun attacks. Another explosion produced Wednesday in the northeastern Adamawa state, but no one was injured. According the police, one suspect has been arrested and investigations have already started. Boko Haram previously attracted international condemnation. Nigerian government spokesman Mike Omeri issued a statement urging people to remain calm. “Every step is being taken by the government to check the activities of insurgents in the country,” he said.


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