529 sentenced to death in Egypt


The mass trial lasted less than two days and as the facts were related, the presiding judge of the court in Minya declined the request of defense lawyers to give them more time to review hundreds of documents. Only 16 defendants were acquitted. The verdict of the other 529 are subject to appeal. However, the commentators observed a strong decision for a sweeping crackdown against Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood supporters and expressed doubt about the possibility to have now a correct process in Egypt, due to the fact that the courts have been politicized. The militants for the human rights from Egypt reacted considering the as unacceptable. Amnesty International considered the as “injustice writ large” and indicated that a such single batch of death sentences had not seen anywhere in the world in the modern history.
Around 16,000 people were arrested after the depart of Morsi. On the other part, the militant bombings, suicide attacks and other assaults have increased.
Another mass trial against 683 Morsi’s supporters will follow this week.


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