Terrorist attack in Egypt: 14 people killed, many others wounded

A terrorist attack occurred Tuesday in the morning in Egypt. A powerful explosion ripped through security headquarters in Egypt’s Nile Delta of Mansoura, the capital of the Daqahliya Governorate. At least 14 were killed and 130 others were wounded. One of the three bombs was defused. It was placed in a car. As a secondary consequence of the explosion, a nearby five-stare bank building collapsed. Dozens of vehicles in the area were destroyed.

The wounded victims, most of them being police conscripts, were taken to the hospital. Many people were trapped inside the building and it’s possible to find them later dead or wounded.
This is a continuation of diversionary actions, with a string of bombings attacks countrywide, after the fall of former Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in July.
The Interim Prime Minister  Hazem El-Beblawi declared Tuesday the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. He promised to severely punish the attackers.
The Society of the Muslim Brothers (Muslim Brotherhood) is a transnational political organization founded in Egypt in 1928. It is financed by contributions from its members who are required to donate a portion of their income. The Muslim Brotherhood is the strongest political organization in Egypt and it won several elections.