A Chinese tourist escaped after he had a scary accident in Zambia

A Chinese tourist returned quickly to his country after he escaped from a big danger in Zambia. The Chinese visited, like many others, the famous Victoria Falls in Zambia, a gorge 25 meters (82 feet) in depth. The waterfall on the Zambezi River, which is situated at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is a very popular destination for tourists. However, visiting this place requires to be more careful than usual because some accidents may occur. This was the case of this Chinese tourist.

When he decided to capture some memories of the trip, he was moving too close to a ledge. He lost his footing and plunged into a shallow gorge. It was scary, but it was a big miracle at the same time. The imprudent tourist escaped alive. He only suffered some bruises on his arm because he hit a rock when he was down.
After the incident, the manager of the National Heritage Conservation Commission in Livingstone, John Zulu, said the Victoria Falls plunge could easily be fatal. The fate decided that the place where the Chinese man fell into the deep gorge to be lover by about 10 meters and this saved him from certain death.