A man slept eight hours with a crocodile under his bed


This was a 330 lbs giant Nile crocodile. Certainly the crocodile came from Turgwe River, a couple of kilometers away from the house.
People who managed to capture and move the crocodile know that covering its eyes is an important step to make it docile and transportable after it was restrained with ropes. Guy Whittall can consider now he is a lucky guy. The final thought of the protagonist of the story was: “I just remember thinking goodness gracious, that’s one for the books. I’m pretty sure everyone in Humani checks under their bed before going to sleep now anyway.”
Guy James Whittall is born September 1972. He played 46 Tests and 147 ODls and captained Zimbabwe in four One Day International. In March 2003, he announced his retirement from all forms of cricket because he needs to concentrate on his family’s game-ranch business, Humani Lodge.



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