President Obama made important promises on the African continent

After visiting Senegal and South Africa, President Obama finished his week-long trip to the African continent in Tanzania. The message of the U.S. President was once again clearly expressed when he said “I see Africa as the world’s next major economic success story.”He announced the American administration‘s intention to scale up the economical relations with the African countries, based more on trade development.

Analysts discovered in Obama’s speech some critical affirmations addressing China, because this country handles the production based on the African resources outside the continent.

Project “Trade Africa” will make it easier for some countries from sub-Saharian Africa (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania) to export goods to the U.S., estimating an increase by 40 percent.
Another announced American initiative project was “Power Africa”, based on an initial $7 billion investment from the U.S. supporting the largest electricity companies General Electric and Symbion Power to achieve the goal of providing more electricity power to million of Africans.

Even if the American leader’s visit was overall favorable to Africa, hundreds of protesters manifested in South Africa some days ago. They accused human rights violation by the Obama administration bringing the example the non-closure of the Guantanamo prison. The war in Afghanistan and the U.S. policy on Cuba were other hot topics to fuel protests.