Vandals Plunge Tanzanian State House to Communication Darkness

The Regional Manager of TTCL (Tanzania Telecommunications Company), Laibu Leonard, said in a statement that vandals cut off phone connectors and cables serving the country’s State House. The State House relies on the landline-based data and voice communication system which left the state institution in communication darkness.

The loss is estimated at 1 billion Tanzanian shillings ($616, 720) and according to Leonard 41 more locations served by the TTCL have reported cases of theft. Leonard said that the theft of landline communication cables and connectors will affect about 2,500 of their clients.

TTCL reported in 2012 the loss of revenue summing up to 951 million Tanzanian shillings ($586,500) due to vandalism. The amount is said to have been what the company should have accrued through providing their service to their clients.

Leonard added that some of the areas which are notoriously affected by vandalism include Sanawari, Ngaramtoni which is on the Kwa-Idd section, Njiro, Azimio and Themi-Njiro.