Kenyans Take to the Polls 5 Years after the Country’s Worst Post Election Violence

Like most other African countries, Kenya has not been free from its fair share of election related violence. 2008 saw the country suffer from the worst case of post election violence, following discord over which presidential candidate did indeed win the coveted seat. 5 years down the line, Kenyans have taken to the polls again to choose their leaders with the hope that there will not be a repeat of the violence that took place then.

The 2008 post election violence in Kenya left over 1500 people dead, thousands displaced from their homes and the country as a whole picking up the pieces from the horrifying scourge it had faced. In a country where ethnic tribal lines drive voting decisions; the two main ethnic tribes within the country turned against each other in 2008, each fighting for power through the presidential seat.It has taken the country several years to heal, with key government officials who investigations found to have been the leading perpetrators of the post election violence facing criminal charges at the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

This time round, the presidential aspirants took part in two presidential debates which were broadcast live within the country, addressing issues on what they stand for and the changes they hope to bring to the country. Kenyans, however, feel that the country learnt from the 2008 incident and that this time round they are ready to drop tribal divisions and vote for change, good governance, stability and peace.