Islamist Rebels Driven Out Of Malian City Timbuktu

A collaborative effort between Malian and French soldiers has seen the fabled Malian city Timbuktu retaken from Islamist extremists. Tuareg fighters also claim to have control over Kidai and other northern Mali towns.

French-led bombings and group campaigns were organized to drive out Islamist fighters linked to al-Qaeda from Mali’s northern towns. Northern Mali, known as Azawad, is currently said to be in the hands of The National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad. These claims have not been confirmed due to inaccessibility to Kidai and other northern towns through phone.

The movement had previously stated on their official website that they were willing to work in hand with the French troops, in order to drive out the Islamist extremists and other terror organizations. The Tuareg movement, however, stated that they would not allow Malian soldiers to enter the city of Kidai. This is due to allegations claiming that Malian troops orchestrated unnecessary killings on civilians suspected to have links with the Islamist extremists.

Today, members of the African nations and international community pledged to donate over $455 million towards aiding AFISMA, an African-led military mission, in Mali. The force is expected to support the country’s army to fight against the Islamist extremists and other al-Qaeda linked terror groups controlling the northern towns.