Suicide Car Bombing Kills 11 Soldiers In Yemen

On Monday, 11 Yemeni soldiers were killed in action when the government troops were closing in on the al-Qaida members. Officials said that the explosion had rocked the small town of Radda, about 160 kilometers south from the Yemeni capital, Sanna. A suicide bomber wearing the symbol of al-Qaida blew up a car.

The bombing occurred the same day that the army started on assaulting the al-Qaida by surrounding the Bayda province, a former military hub. Radda was seized and was under control of al-Qaida for sometime last year. This is the closest al-Qaida ever got to the capital, Sanna. Locals say that al-Qaida might be operating sleeper cells in the area. Al-Qaida’s branch in Yemen is considered a serious threat to the international peace and harmony.

According to the army officials, the explosion left six people for dead. Four members of al-Qaida and two other were from the military. Four more soldiers were seriously wounded.

The government had sent troops days ago. But the tribal leaders asked to stop the armed force and proposed to talk with the rebels for a peaceful solution. When all efforts seemed fruitless, the government force attacked.

All the officials agreed to talk with the anonymity clause implied.