Rebel Army Collision In South Sudan. 4 Civilians Killed

In South Sudan, a showdown between the military and rebels resulted in 4 civilians dead and more than 2,000 people looking for refuge from the U.N.

The clash took place this Monday in a market town named Pibor. The government is trying to wipe out the rebels led by a former Colonel named David Yau Yau.

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6 Killed In Algeria Standoff

6 foreign hostages have been killed today, during what is now considered as one the biggest international hostage crises in this decade. 25 hostages were able to escape, but the 6 died during the rescue mission to free the hostages held by rebels calling themselves the Battalion of Blood.

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Travel Alert Issued On Libya

Westerners have been advised not to travel to Libya due to an imminent threat against them. A spokesman to the Tripoli British Embassy said that they have also urged British citizens who are currently within the country to leave immediately.
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Man from Senegal sets himself on fire and later dies

Senegal authorities did not release the name of the man that died from the injuries he suffered while being on fire.

The man set himself on fire just outside the presidential palace yesterday in the afternoon in order to protest against the newly elected president. He put a lot of flammable liquid over his entire body and then lit himself on fire in front of the palace gates.

  • Written by Julius
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