14 sailors-officers were killed in a blaze on a Russia’s navy submersible


The submersible was carrying out tests in Russian territorial waters, the navy said in a statement. The navy also said the fire was extinguished thanks to the “self-sacrifice of the crew” and that the vessel is now back in the Russian Arctic port of Severomorsk. The accident is one of the most deadly in the Russian navy in years. The Russian military did not identify the vessel involved in the fire. It’s however supposed it was a small highly secretive nuclear-powered submarine, called the AS-12, nicknamed the “Losharik”, that is designed for operating at exceptionally deep depths.

Naval port of Severomorsk

The “Losharik,”  which was put out to sea in 2003, has been described as one of the most secretive vessels in the Russian navy, with few details about it confirmed publicly. Russian media has previously claimed the submarine is capable of diving as deep as 20,000 feet. Russian officials did not say what caused the blaze. The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, ordered an inquiry into the incident. The investigation is being carried out by the Russian navy’s commander-in-chief.


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