Deadly attack with knife at a shopping center in Poland, by a man “acting irrationally”


The knifeman, 27 old, was a local identified as Konrad K., who was running around the VIVA shopping centre slashing and stabbing random passersby, attacking people from behind. Police and ambulances were called to the scene immediately.He was wrestled to the ground by shoppers and mall security and is now being questioned by police but initially refused to speak being in an emotional state. He proved negative to an alcohol test. His motive for the attack was not known.

The shopping center where the attack occurred

However, he  was not motivated by “terrorist or ideological context,” police said. ‘I see that he is in the middle of a deep mental breakdown. We do not know yet what is going on,” police commandant Krzysztof Pobuta declared. The suspect was believed in a poor psychological condition. First aid at the scene was provided by the women working in the shopping centre pharmacy until firemen and ambulance teams arrived. Regional governor Ewa Leniart said four of the people injured have undergone surgery and two of them remained in critical condition. Police say the attacker, who had no prior arrests, stabbed his own back in the attack, by acting “irrationally”.


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