Game Builder from Google is a free tool helping people to make games


It uses a drag-and-drop, card-based visual programming system, which doesn’t require any coding. It was particularly catered for existing gamers that are already familiar with Minecraft’s drag-and-drop world building. Graphics for characters and the environment can be found and imported from Poly, Google’s open library of free VR/AR assets. There are thousands of 3D models to work with. The tool is meant to be collaborative, multiple users can build or play games simultaneously. The new app is working with both, Windows and Mac.


Game Builder is currently only available through Valve’s Steam platform (free to download), so people need an account there to try it. Sample projects include a first-person shooter, a platformer and a demo of the tool’s card system for programming more complex interactions. There is a Java editor in Game Builder, too. It’s free in what kind of game can be created. Game Builder was developed by Google’s experimental division Area 120.


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