uTorrent generates waves of complaints about bundled BitCoin mining software


When reached for comment uTorrent’s parent company BitTorrent admitted the installers are now packed with a program called EpicScale but denied any claim that this was installed without user consent. Many users who are now angry about having their PCs used for solving “”math problems for weather prediction, physics simulations, cryptography (including crypto-currency mining) and more” posted on the forum of the popular free but ad supported torrent client that they saw no information during installation about the bundled software.

The installers downloaded now do offer this information, even though some analysts see how users could be misled and install the bundled software in haste without realising. The prompt asking now users to install EpicScale (included in the uTorrent upgrade wizard window) clearly has two buttons: Decline and Accept Offer. Once installed the bundled software can be un-installed so unless uTorrent installer was recently changed as a result of user complaints it is very possible that the angry users just quickly went through the installer and this is how they ended up having their PC mining for bitcoins.


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