The “smart” condom to help prevention against sexually transmitted infections

Three British teens in the UK - two 14-year-olds and one 13-year-old - have proposed an idea for a new type of condom. As planned, it could detect sexually transmitted diseases amongst intimate partners and warning about this by it’s color change. Chlamydia, herpes, human papilloma virus and even syphilis will be detected based on the existence of antigens.

  • Written by James Prewitt
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Online Slot Machine Games industry is changing

Casino and gambling games across the globe have attracted numerous players, who just love to play their favorite casino game for fun, enjoyment, and rewards. Be it Las Vegas, the ultimate mecca of mortar and brick games, or Chinese Macau, at any part of the world, you will find the same craze and excitement among the players. The trade apparently shows no sign of slowing down.

  • Written by Adam West
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uTorrent generates waves of complaints about bundled BitCoin mining software

uTorrent software is under heavy fire nowadays as angry users complained newest uTorrent installers which come bundled with EpicScale software silently install the crypto-currency miner. People updating the torrent client or installing it from scratch noticed high cpu usage and after investigating to see what was causing this discovered their PC was secretly mining bitcoins for other companies.

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