Be warned, an image can crash an Android phone


It was discovered that a simple image can crash an Android phone to the point that it becomes unusable, unable to boot, if the image is set as wallpaper.

The issue was brought to light by Ice Universe, the Chinese Twitter users known for leaks. Ice Universe says that the bug affects Samsung handsets in particular, but it’s also been replicated on Google Pixel phones, among others. The bug does not appear to be universal. A an example, a Huawei Mate 20 Pro will not be affected. The Pixel 4 XL didn’t crash too. If this happens, rebooting a phone won’t fix the issue. Sometimes users can restart the phone into safe mode and delete the image file as a potential fix. However, it seems it eventually had to factory reset its device to get things back to normal and doing this data will be lost.

If it is set as wallpaper, this image will crash the phone

The issue may be caused when certain phones don’t support the color space used by the image. The image uses the RGB color space, while many Android phones prefer SRGB. Until a fix is widely available, you should probably exercise some caution over what images you use as wallpapers on Android.


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