A Windows 10 update generated serious issues for users


Experts say Windows 10 is suffering yet more problems thanks to a faulty update. Windows 10 KB4549951 was released by Microsoft on April 14, and was supposed to introduce a number of security fixes.

Instead, many serious issues occurred, including the blue screen of failure of the operation system. There have been numerous complaints. Users are reporting that their personal files are moved or deleted after installing the update. And it’s not good ! “This update is a disaster. It deleted my files, pictures, documents saved in system drive and as well as my apps which I downloaded from Windows Store,” an user wrote to Microsoft.

The more affected were files in the Pictures and Documents folders. „No restore available, no help, no live chat, no nothing,” said another user. he most common Blue Screen of Death error messages are: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA; CRITICAL_PROCESS DIED; ACPI_BIOS_ERROR; INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE;MEMORY_MANAGEMENT; DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION; Portcls.sys. Sometimes this effectively makes the PC unusable. The update is also causing some PCs to perform poorly after installation. There are problems with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections too. The only reliable way to fix the issues introduced with Windows 10 KB4549951 is to uninstall the update if problems exist.


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