iPhone 6 Rumored To Incorporate Fingerprint Detection


Apple is expected to announce their next installation to the iPhone series, with the possible name iPhone 5S/ 6, as early as June this year.  iPhone Consumers are said to have been disappointed with the iPhone 5 which came with few major innovations or changes. However, rumors of the next iPhone series integrating fingerprint detection has both consumers excited and waiting in anticipation.

Rumors have it that the new iPhone series will also come integrated with Mac OS X and pico projectors, giving it a new type of display. Ming-Chi kuo, acclaimed Apple analyst, predicts that the next iPhone series could add to the home button the fingerprint detection sensor.

The rumor could be substantiated by Apple’s recent purchase of the company AuthenTec at $356 million. AuthenTec provides security software for mobile devices and fingerprint detection technology.

Whether it is simply a rumor or in the works, incorporating a fingerprint sensor to their next iPhone series will undoubtedly set Apple’s iPhone apart from the growing pool of Smartphone competitors.


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