Kim Dotcom launched the cloud storage service site Mega this Sunday


FBI wanted him extradited to the United States for trial but Dotcom fought all the accusations and managed to stay in New Zealand while a major legal battle still takes place. Until the March hearing in which it will be decided if he will or will not be extradited to the United States Dotcom is busy rebuilding his online empire.

The MegaUpload bust scared over 50 million MegaUpload users as FBI seized 25 petabytes of user uploaded data. The new cloud storage service called was launched early this morning and hours after the site went online over a quarter million people created accounts. Kim Dotcom explained that he made sure that the new site cannot be taken down because of legal reasons and that all the user uploaded data will be encrypted before being stored. With this kind of reassurance and with 50 GB of free storage might soon become as big as once was.



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