A prototype Nintendo Play Station console sold for big money at auction

A prototype of the Nintendo Play Station, a console that never came to market, sold for $360,000 at Heritage Auctions over the weekend.

The winner of auction was the founder of Pets.com and Toys.com, Greg McLemore. He outbided Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey. The console is one of only 200 prototypes created from a failed 1991 partnership between Sony and Nintendo. The product is basically a Super NES with a CD-ROM drive. It was  discovered by a man named Terry Diebold in a box of stuff once owned by former Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Olaf Olafsson. Possibly, this is the only one existing now. McLemore said the console was “the single most expensive thing I’ve ever bought outside of a house.” He has a collection of more than 800 coin-operated machines as well as smaller games, magazines, and art.


McLemore  said the console will show up in various exhibitions in the near future. As a piece of video game history, the Nintendo PlayStation has also seen interest from museums. "I'm glad that the Nintendo PlayStation is highlighting the need for video game preservation, and obviously I wish we'd been able to have it in the museum's collection," said Shannon Symonds, an electronic games curator for The Strong museum in Rochester, N.Y.